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Membership types and the rules.

  1. Membership will be limited to the people of Nepalese origin or ancestry who are living in the South London area and who are at least 18 years old.
  2. To be a member please contact the Treasurer from the Contact page.
1.      The formation and composition of the Executive Committee can be extended size in order to make a counterbalance to the proportion of people in the Association. All the appointments and duties are purely for service to the community. Therefore, no financial compensation is to be paid.
2. The term of office for Executive Committee Members will be for 3 years:
1. Life Members: Any person who meets the requirements set out in Article III (1), who pays the Association’s life membership fee and who has not been disqualified from membership of the Association shall be considered to be a life member of the Association.
2. Life members of the SLNGA shall have the right to be a candidate for the position of Chairman in an election, provided that such right will be subject to life members maintaining a good reputation in the Association.
  1. Honorary Membership: membership will only be granted to such persons who are of good repute in the local community and have close ties with the Association. The motion for Honorary Membership must be approved by a two thirds majority of the Members.

Name list of members.

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